Become a Lean Fat Burning Machine!
The Ultimate Guide To Drink Yourself FIT! 
These fantastic, delicious, quick, and nutritious fat-burning protein shake recipes are just what you need to get started!
Hey, I am Andie. I want to share with you my secret weapon! Protein Shakes! Protein Shakes helped me to lose 30+ lbs and keep it off going on 8 years.

Like many of you, I was controlled by food and cravings. Protein is so essential for weight loss, and so many of us aren't getting enough! I see this all the time with the clients I train as a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. 

Getting enough protein can turn your body into a fat-burning machine, helping you build strong lean muscles!

Let's face it protein powder all by itself is BORING! For that very reason, I created 52 Amazing Fat Burning Shakes! I used my cravings to fuel my creative side! If I was craving Bananas Foster, I found a way to turn it into a yummy shake under 350 calories! 

Why 52 Amazing Fat Burning Protein Shakes: Drink Yourself Fit, Is worth the investment in YOU!!! 

* 52+ Delicious fat burning protein shakes!
* Lose weight and burn fat with the right kind of protein
* Never feel hungry with these awesome meal replacement shakes
* Lose weight without losing the flavor
* Flavors for every mood! 
* Love how you feel and keep the weight off
* Crush cravings with these crazy delicious shakes! 
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Andie Thueson created her website, Maybe I Will, in January 2013 to help share her journey and love affair of healthy living. She started it as a way to share what she had learned on her path to losing 30 lbs. After losing the weight, she has coached hundreds of readers and followers to not only lose weight but to truly embrace and love their lives learning to live their best lives, no matter what! 
  What People Are Saying:
"..."It's Like Drinking Dessert!"
My absolute favorite is the chocolate peanut butter!! It's like drinking dessert only I don't feel guilty, I crave it! I can also load it with green veggies and it doesn't change the flavor
Megan S. 
"...It's like Hawaii in your mouth"
Pineapple Whip Protein Shake - It's like Hawaii in your mouth! I love anything pineapple and I even added my own twist by using coconut water. Either way, you can't go wrong. 
Allison T.
"'s the perfect post-workout pick me up"
 I love Strawberries Gone Wild. It tastes so fresh and it's the perfect post-workout pick me up. My favorite!

Marci B.
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